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Kacorot Black And Packed # 3

                     THE ORIGINAL KACOROT

Born in 1975 raised in Chester. PA, now living in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  I worked on Wall Street. I had a good position and future, but sitting in an office setting was not for me.  I decided to step out and try some nude photo shoots. Along with those pictures came various opportunities.  I then tried my luck with the porn industry and became an instant success, a star in the industry.  A few of my titles re "Bustin' Out," "Big Black Poles, Tight Black Holes" and "Black And Packed #3."  My next venture was to step into the escorting world where I have become very well known around the world and have been escorting for some time now.   If you are here seeking Class A, World Class Escort you have found the right man. I offer a huge 11X8 reason for you to desire my companionship for adult fun and all other 11x8 reasons.  You can donate with cash, Credit Card,  other payment options.   I will only negotiate time not prices less time means less cost to you 1HR $200, 2HR $175, for each hour, 3HR $150 for each hour, overnights $1200 (min 10hrs!) 24HRS $3000.



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